Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server DIY – Overview

Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server DIY

A DIY Raspberry Pi Minecraft server might not only be the cheapest Minecraft server, if you’re a DIY’er, it’s a pretty cool little project, too. Yes, we skipped a crucial question. Can you run a Minecraft server on a Raspberry Pi computer? The answer, in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, is absolutely. Do-it-yourselfers […]

All About Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms is private Minecraft server host from Mojang, the creators of Minecraft and currently only available for the computer (PC/Mac) version of Minecraft. Minecraft Realms servers are based on a paid subscription model where the server administrator pays monthly for the service for the servers they are running. Creating and hosting your own server […]

Best Minecraft Servers: Desteria

Best Minecraft Servers: Desteria

Rated amongst the best Minecraft servers around the web, Desteria is a major gaming server with a long history of fun, fair, and for the most part lag-free multiplayer game play. Minecraft server gameplay is optimized for Desteria players by way of not only diligent software updating and optimization, but also through investing in their server hardware. Their […]

Best Minecraft Servers: Mineplex

Best Minecraft Servers: Mineplex

Regarded as one of the best Minecraft servers, Mineplex is also amongst (if not) the largest Minecraft servers. If you met someone that had only played on one Minecraft server ever, Mineplex would likely be it. Yes, it’s that popular. In a recent article in The Guardian, Gregory Bylos, the man behind Mineplex, stated that “25 […]

Minecraft Multiplayer Gaming [PC]

Minecraft Multiplayer Options

Minecraft multiplayer gaming is one of the most popular activities that players engage in. There are three main ways you can play a Minecraft multiplayer game, and we’ll do our best to clearly and simply explain each of the three: Minecraft Multiplayer Gaming on a Local Area Network (LAN) Minecraft Multiplayer Gaming on an Online Server […]