Minecraft PE Servers Worth Trying

If you’ve reached the point with Minecraft PE that you need more action than a local multiplayer game offers, it’s probably time to check out Minecraft PE servers. There are several sites where you can find lists of Minecraft PE Servers. Minecraft PE servers offer a few things that you simply cannot get in a local multiplayer environment:

Minecraft PE Servers – Benefits

  1. More MCPE Multiplayer Game Types! On a hosted Minecraft PE server you’re not just playing plain old Minecraft Pocket Edition. There’s many multiplayer game types to choose from, depending on the server. Just like you can in the desktop version of the game, you can play survival, PvP, adventure, hunger games, parkour and yes, creative if you want. Those are just some of the popular game options of MCPE that you’ll come across!
  2. No Lag! This is one of the biggest benefits, especially if you want to play Minecraft PE with a lot of players. Local games hosted off one person’s iOS or Android device are at the mercy of the speed of that device. Multiplayer Minecraft PE servers have a game server infrastructure behind them that can eliminate annoying lag.
  3. More Players! Another limitation of locally hosted games is the number of players that can play at one time. A mobile device can simply only handle so many Minecraft PE players connected to it before gameplay suffers. Well configured servers, on the other hand, aren’t subject to such limitations.
Minecraft PE - Server Play

Minecraft PE – Server Play

Minecraft PE Servers – Try These!

If you’re looking for a Minecraft PE server to try, these are good bets. We picked them as they have been around for awhile, have good uptime, allow plenty of player slots and offer numerous game types.

  • Lifeboat MCPE Server – sg.lbsg.net:19132
    • Thousands of Players
    • 97%+ Uptime
    • Featured Gameplay: Hunger Games, PvP
  • Instant Network (InPvP) MCPE Server – hg.inpvp.net:19132
    • Thousands of Players
    • 97%+ Uptime
    • Featured Gameplay: Adventure, Creative, Hunger Games, Minigames, PvP

Give an MCPE Server game a shot. And, above all, have fun!

Minecraft PE Server Play: Server Name, Address and Port

Minecraft PE Server Play: Just Enter Server Name, Address and Port!

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