Best Minecraft Servers: Mineplex

Regarded as one of the best Minecraft servers, Mineplex is also amongst (if not) the largest Minecraft servers. If you met someone that had only played on one Minecraft server ever, Mineplex would likely be it. Yes, it’s that popular. In a recent article┬áin The Guardian, Gregory Bylos, the man behind Mineplex, stated that “25 percent of all PC Minecraft accounts ever bought have played on Mineplex alone in the last eight months.” Impressive.

And, they don’t just play it, they seem to like it quite a bit. Amongst the Minecraft server ranking sites Mineplex is almost always in the top 10 and can regularly be found in the top non-paid slot. Mineplex boasts a range of different games and one of its biggest draws is the creative environments the Minexplex team has created for gameplay. Visit the Mineplex web site.

Mineplex Server IP:

Multiplayer Games on Mineplex

  • Castle Siege
  • Survival Games (Hunger Games)
  • Runner
  • Sheep Quest
  • Super Smash Mobs
  • Ultra Hardcore

Best Minecraft Servers: Mineplex

Ranking Site Rank #1 #11 n/a *

Ratings at time of Publication (15 Dec ’14)
* Not ranked amongst 25 best Minecraft servers on this site

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