All About Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms is private Minecraft server host from Mojang, the creators of Minecraft and currently only available for the computer (PC/Mac) version of Minecraft. Minecraft Realms servers are based on a paid subscription model where the server administrator pays monthly for the service for the servers they are running. Creating and hosting your own server can be complicated, and that’s exactly what Mojang was trying to combat when creating Realms. Server setup takes minutes and once created, as long as the server bill is paid, the server is available around the clock.

Realms is relatively new. If you’re interested in the handful of historical changes to-date, check out the Minecraft Realms entry on Minecraft Wiki.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Minecraft Realms Server?

The monthly base price of a Minecraft Realms server is €10 per month. For those willing to purchase a longer term subscription than a month there are price breaks.

Minecraft Realms Features

  • Quick Setup
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Control Who Can Access Your Minecraft Server
  • Unlimited World Size
  • Importing Minecraft Maps
  • Exporting Minecraft Maps
  • Admin has Access to Most Commands
  • Command Blocks Supported

Minecraft Realms Limitations

  • You Must have a Minecraft Account to Use Realms
  • Requires Current, Legal, Full Version of Minecraft
  • Modifications are not Allowed
  • Up to 20 Player Invitations
  • Up to 10 Concurrent Players on the Server
Minecraft Realms Features

Minecraft Realms Features

Minecraft PE and Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms does not currently support Minecraft PE. Mojang’s site states that Pocket Edition will eventually be welcomed into the Minecraft Realms family, but there is no indication of when that might happen.

Getting Started with Minecraft Realms

Ready for Realms? Click on over to the Minecraft Realms website, sign-up, and create your server.

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