Free Minecraft Server Hosting? What Do You Really Get for Free?

Free Minecraft server hosting? It sounds good, and it could be good, but there are some things to take into consideration. You’ve heard the adage there’s no free lunch. Well, there may be no free Minecraft server hosting either depending on what is and what is not acceptable for you.

Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Finding Free Minecraft Server Hosting

If you’re contemplating setting up a Minecraft server and were looking for hosts by way of search engines, there’s no doubt you came across a deluge of Minecraft server hosting companies offering free hosting. If you add the word free into any kind of server hosting query you’ll undoubtedly see plenty of companies offering no-cost Minecraft hosting. If you’re like us, you probably became overwhelmed with the number of hosts out there claiming free hosting, in fact. So, how do you find a trustworthy host, and what are the limitations?

Free Minecraft Server Host Limitations

With most free hosts, there’s some sort of catch or stipulation. The most common limitations of free Minecraft server hosts are what server software they can run, how many player slots are available, if the server can run plugins or mods, and how much RAM the server has. One free host we reviewed killed the server 24 hours after it was created or if it was idle for 60 minutes! The answer to what it takes to change any server limitation is generally exactly what you think it would be: you pay. One thing that you’ll often encounter is that a free server doesn’t have the horsepower to serve up gameplay to more than a few players without significant lag (essentially ruining the experience).

Another commonality is Minecraft Server hosts asking you to take some other action, such as liking or posting about them on a social networking site (like Twitter or Facebook). And, plan on seeing ads at different points in the server setup or even during gameplay.

Finding a Good Free Minecraft Server Host

With free Minecraft server hosting companies popping up left-and-right, it’s hard to get a gauge on which options out there are actually worth considering. If a fee host is the route you’re going to go we recommend trying the following to determine a host worth trying.

  1. Review the limitations and benefits the server host states on their website.
  2. Send questions to the hosting company to iron out any unanswered questions or confusing limitations.
  3. If the Minecraft server host has a forum, visit it and see what others are complaining or raving about.
  4. Go to a Minecraft community and post in their forum asking about the Minecraft hosts your are considering.
  5. When you decide to try a free Minecraft host, create a new, free email address (such as a Gmail email address) and use that during the signup process.

Good luck! If you have a free Minecraft host that you trust let everyone know in the comments below.

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